A unique family experience...

Our family invites you to become a member of our orchard family.  With a membership you will be part of the excitement in growing cherries.  You will be able to see them develop from blossom to world-class juicy sweet cherries (through photos and newsletters) and then have the thrill of the harvest without having the worries of the yearly maintenance.  While on our farm you will be treated as family.  You will have pride as you see a tree with your name on it.  This tree can be yours for many years, just by renewing your membership yearly.  This is not just a "u-pick-orchard".  This is about an experience.  There will be training provided, so that you will be able to pick your fruit in such a way that you don't damage your tree, which should keep your tree healthy for many years of good harvests.

Your tree will produce around 40 lbs of cherries each year.  Each year will be different because the weather plays an important role in the production of fruit.

You will be notified in advance of the estimated dates of harvest.  You can bring your own containers or boxes can be purchased for a nominal fee to take your cherries home in.  If you send someone in your place, they will need to have written consent signed by you before they will be allowed to pick the cherries.

After picking your tree you can enjoy an ice cream or lunch on our picturesque deck.    Take some time and enjoy watching the garden railroad, the "Cherrybrook Express", make its way through the miniature scenic Creston Valley. 

You can buy a membership for your family, for friends or for a group of people.  Companies can purchase a membership for their employees as well.  A cherry tree membership is a great gift for anyone.

A membership offers a very unique experience which you, your families and friends will enjoy.  We look forward to welcoming you into our orchard family.

Sorry, memberships are sold out for 2014!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us on any issue.  We would be happy to talk to future and current orchard family members.  You can phone us at 250-428-3070

Hurry and purchase your membership for the 2013 cherry harvest as they will only be on sale until June 30, 2013.   If you have a tree please note that it will be held for you until June 15, 2013.